Welcome to the Most Deadly Game.

We are an Independent WoD LARP (since 1998) currently based in Portland, Oregon.

Feel free to join the group. We are always looking for new blood. :)

You MUST enable Java to access this website.

The Most Deadly Game is a 5th Wall Gaming Production.

The game is currently on hold and is accepting signups. Please go to the 5th Wall Gaming page and create an account.
There, you will be able to see a menu option to make your character in the "Games" section of the menu.

If you are having trouble finding out where to read the house rules or create a character, Please follow these directions. Once you log into your account on 5th Wall Gaming, the menu above shows "Games" (you need to be logged in to see this). Go to the listing that says, "MDG" and click it.

In order to reopen, we need another 5 characters registered. So please recruit your friends.

PLEASE NOTE: The game is attempting to restart itself, however, we need at least 6 people to sign up and make characters before we delve into the possibility of actually pulling this off. So please, if you are interested, sign up for a character. :)

This site is CURRENT. It was not abandoned. :) The stats you are reading below is the status of the game currently.

The last person to sign up was on 3/16/14.

Clan Status
Brujah Open
Gangrel Closed
Malkavian Open
Nosferatu Open
Toreador Open
Tremere Open
Ventrue Open